The global objective is to improve cross-border joint environmental data and information monitoring, availability and cooperation regarding earthquake disaster prevention, management and seismic risk mitigation, by developing a framework for harmonization and cooperation, as well as a new Service, based on innovative ICT-based solutions (a Rapid Earthquake Disaster Assessment System; a Smartphone app; an Educational Hub) going beyond the existing practice in the field of Earthquake Emergency Preparedness and Response.




Joint monitoring of earthquake related phenomena in BSB region

Developing common policies and strategies leading to sharing data, information and competencies concerning the entire monitoring procedure of earthquake related phenomena from the seismic source to the resulting damages.

Rapid Earthquake Damage Assessment for improving safety of people and assets in BSB Cross-Border areas

Promoting data and information sharing related to Earthquake Early Warning, Damage Assessment & Response Planning by developing a Rapid Earthquake Damage Assessment System (REDAS) coupled with a smartphone app to increase public safety by providing event-related real-time data and earthquake damage level

Education & Public Awareness

Providing Education over the REDACt Education Hub to improve public awareness and Response Capacity to Emergencies.


Total Budget

974.860,00 €


EU (ENI) Co-Financing

896.871,20 €


Public Contribution



The project is co-financed by the Black Sea Basin ENI Cross-Border Cooperation Programme 2014-2020


Start date  : 1 July 2020   |   End date : 31 December 2022

Project Progress
30 months



  • A harmonized REDA framework, based on cross-border exchange of information
  • ICT tools used to distribute data and information regarding Earthquake Damage
    • Rapid Earthquake Damage Assessment System (REDAS) Harmonized earthquake hazard maps,
      Building Damage estimation maps considering different damage levels, casualty estimation
      maps considering different severity levels, lifeline damage estimation maps considering different pipeline types.
    • REDACt Smartphone app  An effective and fast communication tool, which will disseminate relevant content to any audience.
      It will support crowd sourcing and will also provide the ability of communication (exchanging messages)
      in real time. Also, it will provide the ability to share updates on emergency information with friends, relatives etc.
  • REDAS Service [REDAS.S]
    • Integration of the ICT tools as One Service
  • REDACt Educational Hub Earthquake Risk Education to raise public awareness and help the population to improve their capacity to respond in Emergencies to better coordinate with the Authorities and thus to improve Emergency Response Efficiency & public safety